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CBD Oil for Health and Wellness

CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant provides many health benefits. The health benefits include reduced immune system activity, reduce inflammation, slowing bacterial growth, reducing muscle spasms, reducing seizures, and reducing anxiety. Many people mistakenly attribute these properties to THC, the chemical in the plant that produces the high for which it is known. CBD oil, unlike many THC-derived products are legal in most states. It is possible to order or buy it over the counter.  Its ready availability and ease of use make it an essential part of their health and wellness plan.  It's easy just to add a little bit each morning.


What is the best way to use Cannabis Oil for Health and Wellness?


Anyone who wants to change their health and wellness plan should consult their doctor first. If their primary care physician believes that there is no harm in trying something, the person can go ahead. It may or may not be a green light, but there is no harm to the patient if the doctor gives a non-committal answer.  After he procures it, he should take small teaspoonful daily. If he is not sure, he should follow the directions on the bottle. Because many people do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil, it can easily be added into coffee, teas or whatever beverage he drinks in the morning.



Can CBD Oil Help with Mental Health?


Although some people promote marijuana and THC as a cure all, it does not work for all mental health conditions. Even though it does not work for all mental illnesses, it does help with depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. The exact amount needed to ease a condition may vary. A user may need to experiment with dosages until he finds the amount that works for him. He should not stop taking his medication during this time unless a psychiatrist tells him its okay.  Even  though it is not a main therapy, it is an excellent complementary therapy that can boost a person's mood.


CBD products, unlike marijuana, does not get a person high. It may or may not cause the recipient to test positive on drug tests. It is important for the user to understand what can happen before he starts taking this product. Much like eating poppy seeds, however, the product is not illegal. Ceasing to use the product for a few days or weeks before a drug test solves this problem.